Nostalgia Rainbow


Nostalgia Rainbow is adapted from our bestselling Nostalgia cake created in memory of our founder’s mother. This is an East-meets-West recipe inspired by a popular dessert in Singapore called Ondeh Ondeh. Since Nostalgia was launched on Mother’s Day in 2021, it has been receiving raving feedback! This year, Nostalgia Rainbow is inspired by how mums bring the rainbow joy in our lives.

Why your mother will love Nostalgia Rainbow

This rainbow-inspired pandan cake is colored using natural planted-based source including beetroot, turmeric, matcha and blue spirulina. The pandan cake is baked with almond flour to reduce the carb and is flavored with 100% cold-pressed panda leave extract. The benefits of pandan includes relief of pain and cramps, reducing of stress and anxiety, also boosting hair and skin health. 

Naturally aromatic, the cake is mildly sweetened palm sugar and it is so light it melts in your mouth.  You will have peace of mind even when your mom or any family member has blood sugar or diabetes concern.

 It is elegantly decorated with edible flowers grown from local farms.

This cake is LOW SUGAR and GLUTEN-FREE. .

Simply a delicious cake for mom and everyone in the family this Mother’s Day!
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Eggs, almond flour, cold-pressed pandan juice, grated coconut, palm sugar (gula melaka), cream cheese, erythritol, unsweetened whipping cream, Natvia sweetener (erythritol, steviol glycosides), gluten-free baking powder, turmeric powder, beetroot powder, matcha, blue spirulina, edible flowers.

母親節又就快到啦 係時候揀禮物送比偉大嘅媽媽。


成份: 蛋,杏仁粉,班蘭汁, 椰絲,椰糖,奶油乳絡,赤藓醇,無糖淡奶油, 天然甜菊糖,發酵粉 ,黃薑粉,紅菜頭粉,抹茶粉,藍螺旋,食用花卉



請儲存於雪櫃 (0-4C) 並於2天內食完。

This cake is LOW SUGAR and GLUTEN-FREE. 低糖,無麩質。


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6” (serves 6-8ppl), 8” (serves 12-14ppl)


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