Signature Nostalgia Cake 班蘭蛋糕



無麩質,低糖,低碳水化合物, 糖尿病患者適享用。

Our Signature creation, THE BEST Pandan cake in Hong Kong, Nostalgia is a East-Meets-West cake, inspired by a popular dessert in Singapore, called Ondeh Ondeh. It was created in memory of the late mother of Sweet Secrets’ founder. It is made with a light aromatic pandan cake, layered with grated coconut marinated with palm sugar syrup.

Nostalgia 班蘭蛋糕是一種東西方結合的蛋糕,靈感來自新加坡一種流行的甜點,叫做 Ondeh Ondeh。 它是為了紀念 Sweet Secrets 創始人的已故母親而創建的。 它是用清淡芳香的班蘭蛋糕製成的,上面舖有用棕櫚糖漿醃製並磨碎的椰子。

What makes our version so special?
  1. We cold-press fresh pandan leaves so the juice is highly anti-oxidant.
  2. The light pandan cake is sugar free, low carb, made with 100% almond flour.
  3. The cream is light and sugar free.
Simply an amazingly delicious cake for everyone, especially the elderlies at home.

This cake is free from additives, artificial coloring, gluten, emulsifiers, gelatine. Contains nut.


No complimentary one-use plastic knife or candle will be provided. You may add-on to your order below.


Eggs, almond flour, cold-pressed pandan juice, grated coconut, palm sugar (gula melaka), cream cheese, erythritol, unsweetened whipping cream, Natvia sweetener (erythritol, steviol glycosides), gluten-free baking powder.

成份: 蛋,杏仁粉,班蘭汁, 椰絲,椰糖,奶油乳絡,赤藓醇,無糖淡奶油, 天然甜菊糖,發酵粉

  • Store: Chilled
  • Serve: Chilled
  • Consume in 2 days

Additional information


10” (serves 25-30), 6” (serves 6-8ppl), 8” (serves 12-14ppl), 9” (serves 15-20 ppl)


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