Nostalgia Cake


Nostalgia is a East-Meets-West cake, inspired by a popular dessert in Singapore, called Ondeh Ondeh. It was created in memory of the late mother of Sweet Secrets’ founder. It is made with a light aromatic pandan cake, layered with grated coconut marinated with palm sugar syrup.
What makes our version so special?
  1. We cold-press fresh pandan leaves so the juice is highly anti-oxidant.
  2. The light pandan cake is sugar free, low carb, made with 100% almond flour.
  3. The cream is light and sugar free.
Simply a delicious cake for everyone!


Eggs, almond flour, cold-pressed pandan juice, grated coconut, palm sugar (gula melaka), cream cheese, erythritol, unsweetened whipping cream, Natvia sweetener (erythritol, steviol glycosides), gluten-free baking powder.

成份: 蛋,杏仁粉,班蘭汁, 椰絲,椰糖,奶油乳絡,赤藓醇,無糖淡奶油, 天然甜菊糖,發酵粉

  • Store: Chilled
  • Serve: Chilled
  • Consume in 3 days

Additional information


10” (serves 25-30), 6” (serves 6-8ppl), 8” (serves 12-14ppl), 9” (serves 15-20 ppl)


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