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Q. I have severe food allergy, can I safely eat your products?

Any customer who has any form of medical condition, food intolerances or food allergies, must be aware that whilst some of our products may be free of added gluten, dairy, preservative and additives, there are other food sources used in our kitchen. Hence, there may be traces of milk, eggs, gluten, nuts, sesame seeds etc.

Sweet Secrets will not be liable for adverse reactions to food consumed or other items an individual may come into contact with, whilst consuming any of our product.


Q. What is Gluten-Free?

​Gluten is a family of proteins that are found naturally in grains like wheat, rye, spelt and barley.​ The two main proteins in gluten are glutenin and gliadin. Gliadin is responsible for most of the negative health effects. When flour is mixed with water, the gluten proteins form a sticky network that has a glue-like consistency which helps some baked goods to rise.

Gluten can cause problems for people with certain health conditions. This includes celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, wheat allergy and some other diseases.

Conventional cake and cookie recipes use flour that contain gluten. At Sweet Secrets, we have been offering gluten-free options since 2012. At present, over 70% of our standard products are gluten free.

However, our production facility in Hong Kong also handles gluten products so there may be a risk of cross contamination. If you have allergies to gluten, eggs, dairy, nuts or soy, please use your own discretion or speak with your doctor before placing your order.


Q. What is Vegan?

People who are on a vegan diet do not consume dairy, eggs or any other products of animal origin, in addition to not eating meat like the vegetarians. At Sweet Secrets, we offer a wide range of products that are suited for such diet /lifestyle need.


Q. Do gluten-free cakes taste different?

They can taste different, depending on the type of gluten-free flours used as well as the overall recipe, however some gluten-free flours are quite neutral in flavor such as rice flour and tapioca flour.


Q. Can gluten-free baked products taste good?

We have been baking gluten-free for over a decade and the quality has improved tremendously from the early days. Most of our customers and their guests are not able to tell the difference from a regular baked product with gluten.

We have received many amazing reviews over the years from customers who love our gluten-free baked products!




 Q. What cake flavors do you offer?

You may select from over 20 best cakes with flavor ranging from conventional, to gluten-free, eggless, dairy-free, vegan, sugar-free and keto. Check our online shop here


Q. How much do you charge per pound for your standard birthday cakes?

Our standard birthday cakes are priced by category (eg conventional , gluten-free, keto etc) and size. You may based on your number of servings needed for your party to select your ideal cake size.


Q. If I want a birthday cake, how long in advance should I place my order?

There is a 4 working day lead time for online orders of standard birthday cakes. For urgent request, you may whatsapp us at +852 93719089. We will do our best to help.


Q. Can the cake be less sweet?

We aim to use the minimal amount of sweetener for each of our recipes to come to our current standard. According to most customers, our cakes are not too sweet, still, it is subject to personal taste and preference.

If you have any health concern with impact on blood sugar after consumption, you may select a flavor that uses organic coconut sugar or zero-calorie sweetener suited for diabetics.


Q. Do you make photocakes?

Yes, you can order photocakes with us.  Photo cupcakes and cookies are also available, popular for corporate branded logos. You will need to provide print-ready file in jpeg format.


Q. What is the minimum weight for 3D cakes?

3D cakes can be defined in 2 ways – 3D fondant sculpting on a base cake OR one that is shaped out of cake. The former can be as small as 6”, about 2lb. The latter is better suited for bigger party size typically over 5lb.


Q. Can 3D cakes be scaled to suit my party size? 
Q. I have severe food allergy, can I safely eat your products?

Scaling to suit party size does not always work well. For 3D cakes, we aim to achieve the 3D proportion of the design and minimize the amount of wastage i.e. the portion that comes off during sculpting.  


Q. How much do you charge per pound for your bespoke cake?

Our cakes are priced based on:

  • the number of servings;
  • design specifications; and
  • category of cake flavor.

Intricate or 3D designs will cost more due to extensive designer hours. Please share details with us so that we can prepare a quote for you.


Q. If I want to order a bespoke design cake, how long in advance should I place my order?

Generally for 2D and 3D cakes, orders should be confirmed 1 week and 2 weeks respectively, in advance. It remain subject to availability and rush charge may apply.


Q. Can you make me the exact same cake as in your website?

We will reference from your selection however as each cake is handmade, we cannot warrant the exactment. We reserve the creative right to amend some details deemed to enhance the overall creative presentation of each cake.


Q.  Can you make a cake based exactly on my design?

You are most welcome to provide your own picture or design for our reference.  We will study your request and comment on any feasibility issues before we can confirm your order, however, we do not warrant exact duplication as each cake is hand made.


Q. Do you have any discount on the cake?

There is no discount for bespoke cake service.


Q. Can I taste your cakes before I order?

There is no complimentary tasting.  


Q. How long in advance do I need to place my order for wedding cake?

Please allow at least a month. We do not supply non-edible cake topper or cake stand.


Q. How much do you charge per pound for wedding cake?

Our cakes are priced based on:

  • the number of servings;
  • design specifications; and
  • category of cake flavor


Q. How big should my wedding cake be if I have 60 guests?

For serving size, you may consider a 2-tier cake, size 6” and 9”, height 4.5”. Your design will impact your cake size too.


Q. What cake flavors can I choose from for my wedding cake?

Based on the design specifications and any diet needs, we will recommend a list of cake flavors for your selection.


Q. Is tasting available before I order my wedding cake?

There is no complimentary tasting.  


Q. Will you delivery the cake and set-up at the wedding venue?

Yes, we can if it is required. Setup service is chargeable.


Q. What wedding cake designs can I choose from?

You may send us your own design or reference our past creations.


Q. How should I cut a 3-tier cake?

You will make the first cut on the base tier of the cake and your banquet caterer will typically handle the cutting and serving.


Q. How can I order my wedding cake?

You may whatsapp us at 93719089 to discuss your request. Once your design and order details are confirmed, we will issue an invoice for your full payment which is required to confirm the order. There is no cancellation once order is confirmed.


Q. What is your minimum order for cupcakes?

Minimum order is 12 pieces per flavor.


Q. Can I have a box of 12 cupcakes in assorted flavors?

Minimum order is 12 pieces per flavor. Assorted box is available for bulk order only.


Q. How are the cupcakes packed?

The cupcakes are packed by the dozen.  Individual gift box service is available for party favor use. Extra charge applies.


Q. Can I request for a different look to your standard offerings?

Standard cakes are standardized.  You may consider our bespoke design service, quote will be based on your design specifications.


Q. What is your minimum order for bespoke cupcakes?

Minimum 24pc per order with minimum of 12pc per flavor. Quote will be provided based on designs.



Q. Do I need to refrigerate my cake / cupcakes?

Please refer to the storage and serving tips for each product.

For bespoke cakes, they are made with denser cakes and filling. You may chill the cake and sit cake out at least an hour prior to serving as the cake is to be set at room temperature when serving.


Q. How long can I keep my cake / cupcakes?

There is no additives or preservatives in our products.  Please refer to the storage tips when ordering your cake /cupcakes (standard) of choice online as it varies from one cake to another. Note that storage condition may affect the freshness as well.



Q. How can I pay for my order?

For standard products ordered online, it will be settled by credit cards. 

For bespoke orders, an invoice will be issued and payment may be made via 

  1. FPS to 93719089 for Dragon Rose Ltd;
  2. Bank transfer* or deposit into HSBC 143 139640 838
  3. Credit card (4% surcharge applies)

Please send us payment confirmation via whatsapp.


Q. Can I pay when I collect my order?

Full payment is required to confirm the order.



Q. Do you deliver?

Yes, we do provide door-to-door delivery service from Monday to Saturday for Hong Kong only. We do our best to deliver during your requested time window.


Q. How do you charge for delivery?

$90 for Kowloon, $150 for HK Island and $200 for N.T. Excess weight charge applies.


Q. Where can I collect my order?

Room 1203, 12/F Wing Lee Industrial Building, 54 Tong Mi Road, Mongkok.


Q. Can you do a surprise cake delivery?

You must inform the recipient and someone MUST be available to receive the cake upon delivery otherwise, charges will apply. 


Q. What time can I collect my order?

For standard cakes, you may select your collection time when ordering online. 

For bespoke orders, collection time may be confirmed when placing your order with us.  Our collection hours are between 10am -530pm, Monday to Saturday. We close at 6pm and on Sundays.



Q. Can I cancel my order?

We have a no-refund policy. Payment will be forfeited for cancelled order.


Q. Can I postpone my order?

Postponement is possible on a case by case basis. Penalty charge may apply if work has commenced. Please whatsapp us at 93719089 or email [email protected].


Q. Can I change my delivery or order date?

It may be possible on a case by case basis. Penalty charge may apply. Please whatsapp us at 93719089 or email [email protected].



 Q. What happens if there is a sudden weather warning (e.g. black rain or typhoon with signal 8 or above)?

During Typhoon No. 8 or black rainstorm, all production or deliveries will be suspended. 

If weather warning is hoisted during our kitchen’s working hour (8am-6pm Monday till Saturday), we will work out feasible arrangements with you. Orders may be collected/delivered earlier or postponed until weather warnings are removed. Operations will resume in about 2 hours post removal of weather warning signals. We will need to communicate with each customer  via WhatsApp (93719089) for change in feasible arrangements. 

There will be no cancellation or refund of orders that are impacted due to weather warnings. Please check in with us if you have any questions and we appreciate your understanding in any changes required.