About Sweet Secrets

A Journey of Baking Deliciousness that Nourishes Mind, Body and Spirit…

Once reknown for the variety of cheesecakes, Sweet Secrets took a different path since 2012 and became the first bakery in Hong Kong to offer desserts that cater to people with food intolerances, namely, gluten. We went from having over 40 “normal” cakes on our menu to now over 70% of our menu is free-from, that is recipes that are without eggs, refined sugar, dairy, nuts and soy etc, so that people on an alternative diet such as paleo, vegan, keto, diabetes, will also get to enjoy a delicious cake!

Our Mission

To CREATE happy life memories for our clients ;

To BE INCLUSIVE, such that everyone gets to enjoy a good cake despite their diet preference;

To EMPOWER our community to make healthy dessert choices;

To BE THE BEST in what we do.

Our Story

1999: Sweet Secrets started as a take-away cafe in Central, serving coffee, handmade sandwiches and western style cakes. Subsequently expanded to Causeway Bay and Happy Valley.

2002: We became the first bakery in Hong Kong to offer bespoke cake design service.

2012: First free-from bakery to launch gluten-free dessert catering to gluten intolerance.

2013: Expand our production factory and showroom in Quarry Bay.

2014: Launched first gluten-free paleo Fudge Brownies, gluten-free vegan Chocolate cupcake and cookie in Hong Kong.

2015: Distributed our packaged baked goods to retail partners promote wholesome healthy treats

2017: First Superfood-infused gluten-free vegan cake and tarts

2020: Relaunched our online platform to serve local and international customers.

2021: Cardamon Chocolate Ganache Tart won “Best Plant-based Dessert” Gold Award from Wellness & Lifestyle Award 2021.

2022: Won “Best Healthy Dessert” Gold Award from Wellness & Lifestyle Award 2022.

2023: Our bestseller Heaven’s Chocolate Cake won the Experts’ Choice Award of 2023 Hong Kong Quality Veggie Awards in the Quality Vegan Bakery category

2023: Our Macadamia Orange Brownie won Public’s Choice Award of 2023 Hong Kong Quality Veggie Awards in the Most Popular VEGGIE SNACK


Why Choose Sweet Secrets?

20+ Years of Experience

20+ years of Healthy Delicious Made-from-Scratch desserts in Hong Kong.

"Free-from" Bakery

We care about your health and dietary needs.

Happy Customers

Client-centric and solution-driven.

We aim to deliver:

Healthy Delicious

Use healthy fat, non-refined sugar and certified organic ingredients.


100% Handmade from scratch, in small batches in Hong Kong.


Cater to various health and dietary needs.

Real Food

Wholesome ingredients, responsibly sourced by our health-conscious team.

Creative Free-from

Create plant-based sweet treats, free from gluten, egg, dairy, soy or nut.

Nutritional Enhanced

Infuse nutrient-dense superfood to our creation.

Our Ingredients

We are known for using high quality and natural ingredients –Belgium dark chocolate, pure cream, organic Madagascar vanilla extract, fresh eggs, real butter, etc.

We create our free-from collection with healthy ingredients like raw organic, non-refined sugar (coconut sugar), healthy fat (cold-pressed coconut oil) and other organic ingredients, upholds the highest standard of deliciousness while positively contributing to the emotional and physical health of our community. 

We love to see how our cakes bring smiles to people’s faces and this is why we do what we do. What a wonderful tradition it is to include something sweet, healthy and delicious to go with the special moments in our lives such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations and baby arrivals.

Please check our glossary for the benefits of the ingredients we use.

Some of our Awards

Best Gluten-free Vegan Bakery 2021 Hong Kong, APAC Insider Business Awards 2021

The Sweet Secrets Team

Sarah Lee

Sarah Lee

Sweet Secrets Founder and The Cake Lady

Sarah Lee started Sweet Secrets in 1999. She has a natural flair for taste and creativity to develop all the recipes that Sweet Secrets now offers. Many cakes were born out of a personal desire to “eat clean” and to make healthier food choices to nourish the mind, body and spirit, without having to sacrifice what she loves eating the most – dessert!

Sarah is awarded Hong Kong’s Woman Leaders in 2018 for her impact in the food and wellness industry over the years. She is also a board member of ‘The Women Entrepreneurs Network’ which inspires and empowers other women.

Sarah feels so blessed to be in a business that fulfills her passion and aligns with her healthy lifestyle. Sarah’s fondest childhood memories are of spending magical moments in the kitchen with her mother baking, cooking and creating delicious treats for the family.

Raymond Fong

Raymond Fong

Pastry Chef

Raymond, Pastry Chef of Magic Hands, has been with Sweet Secrets since the early years. He has developed all the cakes along with Sarah and our talented team of bakers and has designed countless jaw-dropping and delicious art cakes for our very happy customers.

In the Press:


Our customers are always overjoyed to find us, calling ‘The Little Gem’!! Our creations have been featured and endorsed by various media as the go-to bakery for healthy, specialty and bespoke cakes.

As Seen on:

TVB, SCMP, TimeOut, HK Magazine, Ecozine, Foodie, HK01, The List, Playtimes, Inside DB, Young Post, Sassy Mama and many other publications.