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“First ordered when I found it online. I can confidently say that the Heavenly Chocolate cake I ate from here is one of the best vegan/ gluten and dairy free cakes I’ve ever eaten in Hong Kong by far. It is actually chocolatey and well balanced in terms of flavor! I also note that their service is absolutely amazing, I had to order a cake in a rush and Sarah was kind enough to accommodate me with a rush order which I’m super thankful for. Overall amazing food and service!!”

Robert Cheung

“As an Ayurvedic Practitioner, I’m always on the lookout for desserts that align with holistic health principles without compromising on taste. This Lemon Blueberry cake is a delightful find! Not only is it sugar-free and gluten-free, but it also strikes a harmonious balance of flavors. The tangy zest of lemon paired with the sweet burst of blueberries offers a refreshing taste, while its moist texture ensures every bite is a treat. It’s evident that thoughtful consideration has been given to the ingredients, making it a suitable choice for those mindful of their dietary choices. I would highly recommend this cake to anyone seeking a guilt-free indulgence that doesn’t skimp on flavor.”

Lakshmi Harilela

Ayurvedic practitioner

“I asked Sweet Secrets to make and deliver cupcakes to my son’s class for his birthday. Sarah was responsive, helpful and ensured they were delivered at the time promised. My son was thrilled and I received great feedback on how delicious they were from another class parent whose son declared them the best he’d ever had!”

Alanna Miles

Our Clients’ Favourites

These are our bestsellers but you want to choose what works best for YOU!

  • Heaven's Chocolate Cake-Gluten Free-Vegan-Eggless-Dairy Free-Nut Free

    Heaven’s Chocolate Cake 天堂特濃巧克力蛋糕

  • Chocolate Truffle Cake

    Chocolate Truffle Cake

  • Crazy Berries Cake-Gluten free-Sugar free Low Carb-Keto-Diabetic

    Crazy Berries Cake 雜莓樂園蛋糕

  • Chocolate Raspberry Cake-Gluten free-Keto-Sugar free Low Carb-

    Chocolate Raspberry Cake 紅桑莓朱古力蛋糕

  • Onde Onde Pandan Cake gluten-free low sugar low carb

    Signature Nostalgia Cake 班蘭蛋糕

  • Strawberry Cream Cake-Gluten Free-Vegan-Eggless-Dairy free-Coconut sugar

    Strawberry Cream Cake 草莓素奶油蛋糕

  • Mango Mania

    Mango Mania Cake 香芒王蛋糕

  • Matcha Orange Cake-Sugar free Low Carb-Keto-Diabetic-Gluten free

    Matcha Orange Cake 香橙抹茶蛋糕


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